Sunday, July 24, 2005

HUP! TWO! Mall Walking

Is mall walking as popular across the country as it is in Florida? With the heat what it is down here, the air conditioned malls are the ideal places to get in those early morning 5,000 steps. The walkers are encouraged by the malls to come early to avoid the shoppers. The irony is that the encouragement takes the form of having many of the cinnamon bun snack shops open early. Yes sir, there is nothing like burning off those extra calories and then sitting down for a 500 calorie iced roll and coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Many arrive as couples. The wives are dolled up in there stylish walking gear and take off as soon as they can set their pedometers. The husbands wear khakis and go sit down in the food court with the “boys” for their morning bull session.

The recent trend is for the malls to recognize, during shopping hours, the husbands that only sit and wait. Bowers, generously equipped with comfy (albeit ersatz) leather chairs, have been established at several locations up and down the malls. That’s where my wife and I fit in. About once a week we go out to the mall. I bring a good book and my camera and my wife brings her shopping list. We have lunch, then she leaves on her inspection tour. I may indulge in a short stroll, but I soon find a good spot to read and people watch. I feel very self-satisfied because at least I don’t pretend to work off any calories.

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Marilyn said...

I loved hearing how the guys congregate in the food court to shoot the bull. :) The last time I spent any significant time inside a mall was when we lived in Portland (5+ years ago) and mall walking was very big. And, yes, the Cinnabon store was always open early. :)