Thursday, July 07, 2005

Smooth Operators

When the balance starts to go and the knees don't always stand firm, one can begin to lose confidence in exploring the great away-from-home-world by your self. Yesterday I witnessed a bad news -- good news scenario that boosted my confidence that help is never far away. You know, part of the fear is that you will make a public display of yourself and literally be embarrassed to death. Briefly, a lady fell in the Mall at Wellington Green. An elderly companion tried to help but wasn't having much luck. Before I could get to the information kiosk to report the incident,I saw another fellow was moving faster than I could on the same mission. I could see that he told the attendant what was happening and I watched the attendant make a quick phone call. In no time at all two security officers were walking deliberately but at a pace that that wouldn't arose wonder in passing mall strollers, to the striken lady. While one knelt beside her reassuringly, the other was busy on his radio. Soon, other official looking fellows arrived. It must have been reheared. They took up positions that looked to passer-bys like a casual conversation, but actually blocked the lady from view. In minutes the rescue squad rolled a gurney in and whisked her away. It all happen with no fuss, no ado, no excitement. From my place behind the potted palm, I saw many walk right by and not sense anything was awry. My conclusion was that there are real pros behind the scenes that can act efficiently and compassionately without false heroics. Three cheers for young folks.

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