Sunday, July 17, 2005

Self Rising Bios

Florida is a delightful place to live. My wife and I enjoy life in a Life Care Center that provides us with all the "amenities" (the official state word of Florida). New construction of residences and commercial buildings is in a boom climate. Despite this boom it feels like the population gets older every week. I am 8o and well below the aveage age in our circle.

The topic of most conversations in Florda are of the type classified as "When we were young..." They illustrate two facets of Florida. One, there is something like a gravitation pull that attracts has-beens, those that can't forget and can't stop talking. The second is that when people are sure that no one is around that knew them when, they promote themselves at least one step. Thus, the former water boy becomes the star quarterback in his memory. Widows are apt to advance the late husband by a grade or two. And those never married can go from file clerk to communication exectutive in one jump. Fellows that have been here 25 years or more often start chats with, " When I was running the Chevrolet Division of GM..." Even those with legitimate claims to fame are required to up their accomplishments to stay in the game.

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Marilyn said...

Hi! I found your blog via the comments on KDunk's readers poll. Love your writing! I'll be visiting regularly.

I'd never thought about 'self rising bios' before...but, boy, you nailed it. Hilarious!

(And those abs were looking good!)