Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tough Love

Imagine your mother standing behind a wall twice as tall as you, and insisting you have to climb it if you want to go swimming. Just because our spoiled brat brother made it doesn't mean the rest of us can!

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Marilyn said...

This drew an audible "awwwwww" out of me. When we lived on St. Thomas, we lived right above the pond next to the green of one of the signature holes. Our first year in that condo there were several batches of baby ducks. We used to ooh and ahhh over them daily...and my boyfriend would take bread crumbs to work with him. They'd come running when he'd pull up in his golf cart (he worked at the course). They were SO CUTE. And this photo instantly took me back to those moments standing on our balcony watching those baby ducks.