Monday, July 18, 2005

The Matterhorn and Me

Actually, I was trying to put this picture in my Profile, but I haven't learned all the jargon yet. (There's a lot I haven't learned.)

Since it is here, this picture was taken about seven years ago at the top of the Gornergrat Cog Railroad in Switzerland. It's called "returning to the scene of the crime". About thirty years before that I had taken an "agony of defeat' fall down one of the trails leaving this spot. Never went skiing again.

Now in Florida it is nice to remember the nice white snow.

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Marilyn said...

In late '83, I took a 2-month solo trip to Europe. I went wherever I felt like and one day I went to Zermatt. I rented a lovely pine hotel room (everything seemed made out of pine in that, floors, walls...) that had a view of the Matterhorn. But the clouds never lifted (it snowed while I was there), so I never got to see more than the base of it. That's all just to say: thanks for sharing this photo. :)