Thursday, July 21, 2005

Life's Surprises

As I was growing up in the depression years and later, in college when I was married and living with money enough to last until about the twentieth of the month, I never really gave a thought to old age. I remember when I was first hired and going through the personnel department orientation interview they told me my retirement date would be June 30, 1990. I couldn't help it -- I burst out laughing. In my mind such a date was Buck Rogers stuff.

To be living the soft life we are revelling in here at a "Classic Residence by Hyatt" was unimaginable back then. Every night we have to choose from a menu like this one. I hope you can read it. There is also a second page that repeats every day. It has standard items like broiled salmon, tenderloin, Chef Salad, etc. I will say that I worked my ass off to get here, but don't we all?

Maybe the best part is that I had a blood test last week and my chloresterol is 150! (On the way home, my wife and I stopped at Krispy Kreme and bought a dozen hot donuts.) (There is three months until the next test.) Why dwell on the aches and pain when you can enjoy a Krispy Kreme Traditional with the next morning's coffee?


Marilyn said...

I can remember in grade school sitting with my friends and figuring out what year we'd turn 40. We thought surely we'd be living like the Jetsons by would almost be the year 2000! (Which I couldn't begin to comprehend.) Now here I sit, at 50...still living sometimes from month to month...and still waiting for the push-button food and flying cars the Jetsons had back in the '60's. :)

Rose DesRochers said...

They say that the olden years are the golden. Having watched my mom age I know there is nothing golden in it.